So Little Summer (Trigger Warning)


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This won’t be the first time I’ve written about the seasons, and likely won’t be the last- but the state of change is something that relates to me on a consistent basis. Lately I have been so up and down, and I think a lot of that has to do with having been off meds for 3 weeks. I don’t even like talking about treatment- thats the part that makes me feel crazy. I think this is because I have this deeply ingrained idea that if I am taking medication it is clearly set in stone that I’m a little wonky; on the contrary, if I forego medication I’m the one in control and technically if I’m not being treated… well then its simply not there :)

Wrong. Like a pair of stretched out undies you haven’t thrown away yet- the disease is always there. Unfortunately some diseases make us focus…

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Fly Away On My Zephyr

“I feel it more than ever, and in this perfect weather…we’ll find a place together.” 

I have been hooked on fabrics lately. What I mean is, I keep having all these beautifully brilliant/conceptual ideas for images to create that center around fabric. I love the way it dances with the human body and the way those subtle waves that move throughout mimic our emotions in that moment. So today I finished the second image in whats turning into my fabric series. The tones in this image are cool but welcoming, much like my prior dress image. I feel as though I may dance along this path in temperature for a while because often times I find that looking at the final product being cool in nature is not only satisfying, but relaxing to my crazy mind as well. I hope you enjoy this image as much as I do.

This was another collaborative piece I worked on with Michael J. Huxley Photography! Exercising his lighting techniques are a sure-fire way to make a great idea into an amazing image, along with all of his other amazing talents in this realm of art. Be sure to visit his website and browse through his beautiful and evoking gallery! Have a good evening friends.



Escaping Reality

We all have coping mechanisms… even if that mechanism is avoidance and running- its still a mechanism. Yesterday in an effort to run as far away from reality as I possibly could I did a mini-shoot. I think the neutral/cold tones and fantasy related edits speak for themselves.


Oh, to get away.

Long Lost Something

To Welcome Spring

Lately I have had the art itch like crazy! I have been very motivated to make so many different things, along with planning some new images. I sat down yesterday to work on a watercolor painting, and I painted for around five and a half hours- only to be sorely disappointed at the final outcome. I was trying to paint a mermaid scene, and thought the fin/tail and hand/arm (I CAN NEVER PAINT HANDS!) came out reallllllly good, the rest fell together into a heap of soggy garbage. I was so upset with myself that I didnt get it right, and at first thought “well I just try it again…”

But as the evening went on I was still too disappointed in the painting and myself that I quickly dismissed the idea. I had to force myself to get my mind off of it, or I would surely lose sleep over something of little importance. I promised myself that even though I am sick of painting this week I was going to try again until I got something I was satisfied. I decided I needed something very simply and easy to sketch, but gorgeous in element. Then it hit me… Tomorrow (now today) is the first day of Spring! I decided on something with flowers and wanted to incorporate a woman, maybe Mother Earth- the goddess of life as we know it. I wanted to do something very different with the skin, but a subtle change that was easy on the eyes. I incorporated a lot of color into an 8×10- and the final result: To Welcome Spring.

Painting by Anastasia

Painting by Anastasia

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